building automation, knx, iot

Building automation (KNX - IoT)

Automation systems for programmed control of home and industry.
Control of lighting, blinds, automatic shading, cooling, heating as well as creating scenarios according to needs.

smart home, smart building

Research and design of smart buildings

Questionnaire to investigate the needs of the client and the building in general.
After research, we choose the materials and cost the customer needs.

remote control

Remote control

Ability to monitor and control all building functions.
Update on any change in equipment status.
Individual automation and control.

energy management, energy saving, bems

Management and energy saving systems BEMS

Integration of all building systems to save energy up to 60%.
Heating, cooling, air conditioning (HVAC) - Electricity generation (Photovoltaics, Wind Turbines) - General lighting and emergency lighting - Energy management - Security and access systems - Identification and fault diagnosis.

logic controllers, machine rooms

Research and programming of logic controllers for cooling and heating machine rooms

Implementation of automation of boiler stations and pumping stations through PLC.
Communication with the engineer and implementation of automations, integrating all devices and systems.
Customized implementation of automations depending on the installation and engineering requirements.