plumbing, pipe for water

Plumbing installations

Installation of water supply network and repair of all types of damage related to plumbing.
Bathroom and kitchen renovation.


Mechanical installations

Design and implementation of projects related to movement and transfer of power, heating, water supply and air conditioning.
We always adhere to the strict specifications of the materials and we meet your requirements.


Central and autonomous heating

Installation of a heating system according to your needs and your place.
A two-pipe or single-pipe system made of copper pipe or multilayer.

underfloor heating

Underfloor heating

Installation of special pipes where hot water is supplied and the room is heated evenly with a constant temperature.


Pumps - Pumping stations

Installation of a dosing pump system for distribution of liquids, chemicals under pressure in specific dosage so that there is constant accuracy.

water heater, solar systems

Solar systems

Installation of a solar water heater in a place so that it can be better exploited for greater efficiency.