alarm systems, security systems

Alarm systems

Design and installation of advanced alarm systems.
Full coverage of all your premises to avoid the neutralization of the system by third parties and the immediate its operation in case of need.



Installation of high definition security cameras indoors and outdoors with video and audio recording, night shooting and remote monitoring.

fire detection

Fire detection systems

Design of fire detection systems according to the needs of each place and installation of the panel, detectors, light sirens and manual announcement buttons for audiovisual signalling in case of fire.


Video intercom

Installation of modern aesthetics and excellent quality video intercoms in old and new buildings with a colour image, sound and access control.
Installation of stainless anti-vandal boutonniere with night lighting, clear image and loud sound.

access control
Access control

You can have full control over non-accessible areas, such as the garage or the entrance to an apartment building.
You can also know the actual working hours of your staff by simply using an RFID card or keychain.